Life Science

The use of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in molecular diagnostics has increased to the point where it is now accepted as the gold standard for detecting nucleic acids from a number of origins and it has become an essential tool in the research laboratory.

Advanced Medical German Co. is one of the leading companies established in the Gulf Cooperation Countries(GCC). We have interacted majorly in the Medical Sector as the new Gold standard for detecting a wide variety of templates across a range of scientific specialities, food laboratory, virology Laboratory, microbiology....

Food regulatory and research agencies are required to test more products for more analyses, with greater accuracy, in less time. The farm-to-fork approach to food safety is being adopted by food and farming industries alike, from raw material and process control to finished product inspection and distribution.

Whether you’re analyzing Food pathogens, allergens, GMO or Animal identity and adulteration Advanced Medical German Co Life science food and beverages testing solutions speed the testing procedure by the adoption of real time PCR in your lab, delivering fast, accurate results in Minutes instead of days. Our food testing solutions are optimized to identify multiple and specific analyses in a single run, providing throughput and performance to help you to meet and exceed regulatory demands.

AMG Testing Solutions include :

– Customise qPCR assay
– Real time PCR detection kits (Food & human)
- Automated DNA extraction & PCR setup